more than days

I haven't had very proud moments in the last few days. Apart from getting sick, I just would rather delete the past few days. Then, what would be the fun in it? Right?

You come to moments, where you see the worst versions of yourself and sometimes I wonder, will we ever truly change? 

Then there are moments that make you forget eveything else. We were playing board games with the kids last Thursday, and I took out twister to see if anyone wanted to play. Just as long as I got to call the directions, I would be more than happy. Turns out that E wanted to call them out, so I told him that I would help. At first it was only two, little K and M. K managed to stay the whole time, and M gave up after all. Soon there were 5 on what should be a 4 person game at once. Well, at least that's what makes sense, but it didn't matter and since I wanted to play, I joined in. After being pushed over, not intentionally, I started observing little K. He was very intent on where he was putting his feet and hands.
After a while, looking at my own hands to confirm (I always make an L to determine which is my left) I figured out that little K was doing the opposite of everything he was supposed to. He was confusing right from left! So, I struggled and decided to help him and said, "K! The other hand, the other.. good!" The best part was when he would easily change the hand and look up giving me a smile of gratitude. E started helping, saying, "that's right, K! the other hand!"
My heart about melted a bit more at that moment.
Especially when I found out that K has a girlfriend at school.. K is what? about 6 years old?

Yeah, it's okay to have bad days when you can have days like this.


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