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music diary: instrumental

I find myself, some nights, having a hard time falling asleep. It's like as you're winding down, all your thoughts come all at once. I still haven't been able to master mind control, so most of the time, I lie awake, letting my thoughts wander.

One of the things that has helped is listening to instrumental music. Here are some of my favorite go-tos, those that I listen to just before I drift off to sleep.

By far, I think Sleeping at Last, is one my top favorite bands.
Ryan O'Neal knows how to write and he does it beautifully. He almost always writes songs that I relate too. I found recently they had ventured into instrumentals and it has been magical for me.

Then there's always Explosions in the Sky, which, I can't even begin to describe my love for their music.

This arrangement of Ludovico Einaudi's "Nuvole Bianche" played by Alexander Flemming is heart-warming.

How could I forget Ólafur Arnalds? He's a composer from Iceland and I always im…

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