little humming bird

A  humming bird appeared out of nowhere while I was teaching a class. It kept poking itself into the light fixture, bumping its beak as it looked for something. I turned off the lights so it would stop going to it... For the next hour this bird flew back and forth, looking for the light, I figured that once we turned the lights off, it would find a way to leave. No. It was persistent, flying back and forth, seeming to desperately look for the light. At one point I had to turn the light back on and tried to ignore how it kept trying to get itself killed.
When I looked back up, there it was, plastered to the light fixture. It made me really sad... Then several minutes later, it was buzzing and flying around. It's beak had gotten stuck, I assume, in the gap between the fixture and the light bulb.
Before I left, the bird had fainted from all the energy it was using. I know this, because when I saw it fall, I got closer to see if it was dead. When I did, it started flying like crazy, back again to that light.
 Some would call it foolish. However, there  are days that I feel like I'm this humming bird. 


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