Netflix's 3%: A look into the near future

Imagine a society built only to accept 3% of its people, forcing the other 97% to go through a brutal process to become part of it. This is what the Netflix series 3% presents, telling the story of 20 year olds going through a selection ritual to leave the slums of an impoverished world to the 'perfect' society in the Offshore. 
César Charlone, known for City of God and Blindness, serves as director alongside Daina Giannecchini, Dani Libardi, and Jotagá Cremat

So, I am not a critic or know how to put into words how the things I watch affect me, but this one really caught my attention. I read in other reviews that it was a low budget series. They mentioned that when you are trying to build a dystopian society, you should probably be able to create the world it is set in. To be honest, I didn't put that together while I was watching it. I was so involved in the plot that I believe the set wasn't the most important part of this series.  The character devolpement was great, the plot to each of the character's stories were so interesting, that the production design took a back seat. In my opinion, each actor was able to convince me of this world, and I couldn't help but pick favorites. I think there's a power to story-telling and in this case, it worked for them. They will have to step it up in season two, though. Hopefully we'll get to see more of the Offshore, and I imagine it to be this crazy, beautiful, technological place. Although maybe the future is more minimalistic and they will play with that aesthetic.

I am a huge fan of science fiction, and 3% provided with an interesting perspective and surprising twist. I often wonder what I would do if I were placed in the same position as these characters. Essentially, you have to put your selfish desires first, if you want to get to a better place. That's what I think one of the themes of this series is about: how far are you willing to go to get what you want. I do like to think that I would want to rebel agains the system, I am very much a person who will always want things to change if it's not fair and just. Which was why I found myself rooting for the "terrorist"group that tries to infiltrate the process. I don't condone all they do in order to get there, but I get the desire to want to change a systen that only accepts 3% of its people.

There are other things that made me thing, but I don't want to give any spoilers. I really recommend you all check it out!

If you do watch it, come back and let me know what you thought! Seriously, I need to talk to someone else who has seen this. AND don't let reading the subtitules put you off :)


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