weekly ramblings part 1

Since lately I've been in such a creative mood, I decided to make a weekly review of the things I made, the things that inspired me and everything in between.

So, this week...

I wrote about the Arrival on my dear friend Rita's blog. It's in Portuguese, so if you'd like to practice it, hehe, head on over. I'm not usually a fan of movies that show aliens, but this one has such a fascinating and surprising plot, that I would recommend it.

Sent out a world map to a friend in Germany (don't worry, Lukas, this is not the one I sent you. It will still be a surprise!) Slowly, but surely, I'm starting this little business of mine

On the subject of posting packages, I go to this post office that is really close to my house. Every time I go I send something to a different country, so I decided to explain to the attendant why I send things all over the world. She's always very curious and talks to me about travelling. She was really interested in knowing about what I was doing and I even handed her my card. I'm probably going to see her a lot, so I'm going to be more excited to go to the post office and talk to her.

Also created a May calendar, inspired by Star Wars

I've been trying to bullet journal, which has actually been encouraging me to create even more. I use it for everything, not only for scheduling, I also write when a day was particularly memorable, songs that I have been listening to on repeat, books I am reading and so much more. It's just so fun to make lists.

A series that has me hooked is the Expanse and I've been watching it with my friend Rita, every Wednesday. Every episode is getting even more interesting and I'm going to be so sad when we finish this season.

Here are some of my favorite songs this week

I want to grow my hair out, but these girls are making it hard to do so

These illustrations! LOVE

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Finally, words to live by



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