Peter, from the very beginning, wanted to show how much he loved Him. His master, this incredible man he was following, deserved all his love. Peter watched as he performed miracles, spoke truth into people's lives and lived a life of unconditional love. He wanted to do the same. So when his master said he would deny Him three times, he had to show him that He would never to do that. Maybe it was partly pride or maybe it was just because he wanted to prove to Him that He could love as He did.
That fateful day came and around that fire, with those strange people, He being sent to his death, Peter denied him. Three times. When he understood what he had done, he was ashamed. He had failed to prove to his master that he loved Him.
How often have I felt the same way? When the moment comes to prove my own love, I fail.
Just as Peter learned, I too will. It's a matter of letting down my pride when I fall short, pick myself up (or allow others to help) and let grace cover me. Because the next time, I will shout that I love Him. He, who today, is risen.


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