Tick, tock, tick, tock

I sometimes feel that time is just a tap that no one can turn off. Then sometimes it's the slow, dripping of that same water, and we can't seem to make it go faster.

Most of the time, it's too fast. A week passes by and we're relieved, a year passes by and suddenly we're wondering how we're using that precious time.

I try to live my life in the moment, because I'm always afraid of wasting any of the time I have in this world. I want to do something different - be remembered not for going after money but for making some sort of impact to those around me.

I've been doing nursing this past semester, but it's not something I'm passionate about. Last year I was at Moody, but it still didn't seem right. I wasn't at peace. Now that I'm not sure where to go, and what direction to go in, I'm the most content. I'm actually happy. I'm not worried or stressed.. and I'm not wondering if I'm doing the right thing or not.

I'm thinking of going to Chile with my parents and working as an OM team member there. I would have a job description and a schedule to do. I thought it'd be a good oppurtunity for me to travel and also learn Spanish. Then after six months I'm thinking of going to the OM ships. This all came to me this past week, when I let myself think of other options. I wouldn't recommend what has happened to me for my kids, but I learn the best and live the most when I try things. When I completely fail and realize, "No, this isn't it. Let's try again."

I'm up for my next adventure, and my life might not be conventional but then again I've never been conventional. So, bring the next thing on!


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