Not Sure Why I'm Running.

Listening to a lot of different music.. but these are the songs that have captured my ear lately:

What A Day - Greg Laswell

Every Silence - Copeland

Plasticities - Andrew Bird

Arithmetic - Brooke Fraser

Evolve - Bosc

"What A Day," by Greg Laswell makes me want to cry. It's something that I've been longing to do: take a day off and just daydream about life. I've been so bogged down with school, work and relationships. You know when you're just so exhausted of feeling that everything becomes everyday motions? It doesn't mean anything?

I miss being a part of something important, I guess. Last October 'till February of this year, (give or take) I was a part of a ministry that worked with the reintegration of street kids. I guess seeing them this past Friday made me realized how much I miss being a part of that world. Even though it was one of the hardest things I've done so far. It takes everything out of you, especially when it comes to loving. Now being apart from it, I feel the cold splash of reality. As funny as that sounds.

I guess I have to realize that God has something stored for me, whether it being part of this ministry in the future, or something that I'm still looking for. I just wish He would share more of His heart like He did during those specific months.

"What a day to start again .. what a day to give up." (Greg Laswell)

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  1. Eu sinto falta de trabalhar em um ministério, de servir. Percebi que nesses 25 anos, vivi de uma forma muito egoísta, fiz tudo pra mim. Não quero mais isso, quero diminuir, sabe? Ficar pequenininha e deixar grande quem está do meu lado.

    Gostei do seu blog.



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