A Tale of a Dream

The rain was slowly dripping on the roof that night, creating a sweet melody to the darkness outside.
He was walking outside on the streets, not bothered by the wetness that was starting to soak in past his clothes. His hands were starting to get cold, so he shoved them into his pockets, relishing the instant warmth it provided. He blocked out the dogs whining in the distance and concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other.

As he neared the end of the street, he heard footsteps from behind. He catched the faint melody swirling from behind and he had the urge to turn around. He gave into his instinct and saw a girl looking straight ahead, as if there was no one on the street. He saw the vacant look in her eyes and was tempted to wave a hand in her face to see if she blinked.

She still kept walking as he slowed down his pace to catch again what she was listening to. Not sure what he heard, he felt an unwilling shiver go through his body.

She stopped suddenly and looked straight at him. Then, to his suprise, handed him over the music player she was listening to. He took a hold of the player and before he said a word, she disappeared.

He stood in the middle of the road, with the music player in his shivering hands. He placed the earphones in his ears and kept walking.

The next day he was still listening to the music player that had been handed to him. He kept listening to it over and over. Finally, when he thought he could hear no more, he found another man, while he passed a bus stop. He stopped and observed that man, noticing that this man had crooked feet. The way he stood made his feet turn towards each other and wouldn't straighten out. As the bus turned the street and came closer, he handed the music player over to the man. Without another thought, he turned around and headed back home.

He had already forgotten the faint melody when he crashed into bed.

He woke up from his dream and saw that it had stopped raining. He closed his eyes to hear the final dripping and dropping on his tin roof.


  1. This is well written - love the visuals. Did you write this?

  2. very dreamy ... :)


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