a walk

Today after a long day, I got home and realized how cold it's become here in São Paulo. Most days, I would just curl under my blankets and engross myself in a book. However, today was different. I had the urge to go out on a walk and I wanted to go with my dad. It didn't take much to convince him, even though it is quite cold and the wind seems to want to cut our faces as we walk down the hill.

I admire my dad. He's been through a lot - just being with him and talking to him makes me feel loved. It's been something of a trial lately, and just knowing I can count on my parents makes me feel like I can do anything. Even fly. That's how amazing my parents are.

We walked the neighborhood and went down to this path that overlooks this lake we live by. The sun is still pretty up high in the sky and it hurts to even look up at the sky. The chilly wind is playing around with the leaves and trees that we pass by. It doesn't seem like we're living in the city. That's when I look to my left and see some tall buildings in the distance. It's hard to visualize, but São Paulo is a place that keeps amazing me. We actually live towards the south, about a half an hour from downtown SP.

Even though it takes forever to get from one place to another, I love living in this part of town. Even if that means bumping into people from the American school or having to talke an hour and a half to go visit extended family. For the first time in a while, I have the semblance of a home.

So go on a walk, it comforts the heart.


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