Breakdown this Old Train

One of my earliest dreams was to get into this university called USP. However, due to several oppurtunities that arouse, I never really got the chance to try getting into the school.

I ended up going Chicago, where I spent one of the hardest and also the most amazing year. Sometimes I imagine myself riding in the El, going to a super hip café or thrifting. Now the settings are different, but I do know this for a fact: I'm where I need to be right now.

Right now, I'm going to start studying hard for the entrance exam, which is close to the end of the year. It's a bit nerve wrecking, but exhilirating at the same time! (I'm sure I spelled that word wrong)
It's weird how your life goes through different phases. About a year and a half ago you would have met a different me than I am today. I was going through so much crap that I wasn't quite myself. I was dealing with issues far above my maturity level.

It goes to show that time usually mends whatever needs to be mended, even when it doesn't seem so at the time.

However, I'm not sure I want time to go as fast as it did..... may this train please slow down.


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