Broken Locket

You are to me like a broken locket

Opening up unintentionally

And shutting close when I take a peek in

I try to press it close to keep it in place

But it still manages to keep a sliver open

Just in case I'm curious to look in some more

(I'm sure it's secrets will reveal a pandora box

Where I have no way of returning

And closing myself from its truth.)

You are to me like a broken locket

Pressed closed to my heart

Waiting for the moment to spring open

And then there will be nothing to stop me

From looking in to the essence of what you are

And what you will become to me later

(Sometimes I'm sure that it's you

Hidden behind the intricate workings

Holding the key to my heart locket)

You are to me like a broken locket

Getting ready to be fixed.


  1. Lovely visuals of the locket!

  2. Hmmmmmm... this is gorgeous, both in feeling and poetry :)


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