the color within

I have recently become a fan of different nail colors; due to a new friendship. My friend Raquel, has the funkiest colors ever and often has a different color on. When I hung out with her a few days ago, they were a bright blue.

We have discussed a lot about fashion, since she is a fashion and textile engineering major. She wants to do research on how clothes and death go together. Its sounds kind of morbid, but it has do to with how often clothes are associated with different periods in our lives. Most often, clothes become a way to express ourselves and it's inevitable that they're also associated with death. Raquel is amazing, because even being a fashion major she has her own specific style. I've noticed that a lot of times, fashion majors don't really develop their own styles. Often, the way they dress is boring and not at all creative. Of course I'm saying this in a general manner, because as seen here with my friend, it's not always the case.
For the longest time, I wanted to do something different and I ended up following a lot of people that inspired me. However, recently, I've opted to going for comfort and what better expresses who I am. I do try not to make it a major part of my life, because a lot of times it can become an obsession. Everything in good measure and balance. However, I love observing people by what they wear, because a lot of times you can understand a little part of what's going on inside.


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