Hear the Sound That's Calling You

A band that has caught my ear recently is the Other Lives.
I found out about them through an episode of Grey's Anatomy. One thing I can say about Grey's Anatomy is that it usually has some really good bands in there.
One of the main ways I used to find new bands was through myspace. Ah, what a wonderful thing they created in myspace. However, it's been harder and hard to find good bands recently.
So I was excited to find some new bands.
Other Lives has somewhat a dreamy feel to their sound. You can listen to it just when you're about to go to bed, and sort of dive into another galaxy. Or at any other part of the day, I turn their music on to daydream. However, the sound is hard to pinpoint as to which genre it belongs to. It's a bit of folk, alternative and an Andrew Birdeske feel to it. I don't like to put a label on bands, because sometimes they're not strictly bound to one genre.



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