Me, Myself and Books.

I love books. Recently I've been reading some poetry from a Brazilian poet my cousin suggested.

There's something about a book, that once it grabs your attention, it's really like a journey to another world. You can forget about any current problems that are occupying your mind, and most important of all you are somehow enhancing your knowledge.

That's how I started getting better with my English and my vocabulary, from all the books I read in middle school.

My favorite is going to second hand bookstores and finding little treasures. For example, a few months ago I found a good copy of Alan Paton's, "Cry of the Beloved Country." It's a classic and written by a South African author. I love going into these random, hidden bookstores and diving in, looking at book covers, reading the first few pages of any book and daydreaming about flying elephants and dancing hippos. Especially if they're children's books and illustrated.

Books on my Wish List are:

Coraline by Neil Geiman

Blues Like Jazz by Donald Miller

The Four Loves by C.S Lewis

Irressitible Revolution by Shane Claiborne

What's your favorite book?


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