When I Was a Little Girl

My sister was born in South Africa, when I was two and a half years old. I have scattered memories of my time in South Africa. Most of them are good, some are embarassing and a few bad. We moved there when I was a year and a half and the rest of my childhood was a mix of English, Portuguese and Afrikaans people.
When I was in elementary school, I had a group of four friends and we called ourselves the "Nature Girls." So thus began my hippie career. I still have pictures of the four of us hugging a tree that was at the end of a vast rugby field. I remember, because we sometimes sat at the end of a little hill, where we used to watch a large anthill. I didn't know then, but I would keep in contact with one of these girls for the next 10 years - even after I left South Africa.
It's hard to grasp at my memories from this wonderful place, at times I feel that I wasn't there at all, that it was just all a dream. Then I hear stories from my parents, and I see the pictures - and I have the urge to go back.
If you were to ask me about South Africa, I would only know what I knew when I was a kid growing up. When I met a South African later in college, the reality of the country began to dawn.
I had a great childhood, not one most people have. My life is not conventional either. I'm a Brazilian that grew up in South Africa, spent her adolescent years in Hungary and tried the American dream for a year.
Now I'm in Brazil, and I know that my life is just starting.
Isn't that a bit funny?


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