The Graffitti Chasers

Last weekend, my cousin and I went chasing after graffitti. We have this idea of photographing all the graffitti we find interesting and write about how graffitti is one of the many forms of art expression. My cousin informed me that there are even graffitti wars between the artists. It mainly has to do with going over other graffitti gang's territory. There have even been cases of murder.
I find graffitti fascinating and have often wished I had the gift. They stand out and if the artist is particurally good, they often send out a message.

This particular artist we found hidden when turning on Francisco Frett street. The other day I was standing in the bus, due to travelling during peak time, and found another one of his/her artwork quite further in town. It seems he/ she has his/her own buisness. It made me happy to find his/her artwork scattered around the city. My cousin and I are thinking of calling his/her buisness and setting up an interview. Maybe he/she could give us a light on what goes on behind each graffitti.

After finding these different walls, we spontaneously hopped on a bus that goes to São Caetano. (another city nearby São Paulo) This city is way organized and quite clean, as opposed to São Paulo. Its an in between city, many times, people go through this city to get to São Paulo or to Santo André. We found a fascinating building, where I shot several pictures of my cousin. He can be quite photogenic, when I get him to act and pose naturally. He has become my main model and also my favorite. Many times, when we hang out, we talk about philosophy and the nature of people. Often I come out a conversation with him, inspired and rewarded. This was a particularly good photo day!


  1. This graffiti is so beautiful and lifelike! Great photos. We rode a train from Boston to NY this weekend, and the graffiti all along was amazing!


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