Life in Technicolor

I always start posts nowadays and draw a blank. I have so many thoughts buzzing through my brain and by the time I have the chance to sit down and write something, I get tired and can't remember. However, this is how my day went.
I was pretty sure I saw an angel today. In the Bible it mentions that sometimes when you're kind to a stranger, you might have been talking to an angel. I felt like that today, an old man, carrying a white bag, said hi to me randomly. I was preoccuppied, because I needed to get to the bank before my next class. I smiled at him and said hi. He then hesitated and looked at me again, I kept looking, encouraging him. I thought maybe he wanted to ask me for money, but was too embarassed. I was already sad, because I didn't have any change with me. I always believe, that even if you're having a horrible day, you should never be horrible to those around you. So I waited and he said something that I didn't expect, "It's good to see you here." I was a little bit confused and answered, "Oh, okay. Thanks?" then turned to face the street light. As it turned green, I rushed across the street. When I was coming back from the bank, I saw that the old man wasn't there anymore. He had probably walked up the street, but I fancied he was an angel, just so I could feel special.

A song that has really made my month, has been "Life in Technicolor" by Coldplay. It's from their new CD, "Viva La Vida." The CD is, honestly, phenomenal! It's so ecclectic, fun and I think their best so far. The first day I started work, I put their whole CD on. My cousin, the one pictured in Graffitti Chasers, had completely gone to a different world when he had grabbed my Ipod to look at my music. I thought it was his own quirk, but I found out the next day that it was because of this album. When "Life in Technicolor" started playing, the sky had just begun to lighten and as my footsteps started to quicken, so did the song, reaching it's climax. It made me so giddy, that I started skipping in the middle of the street. Thankfully, it was so early, that no one was out on the streets. Last week, it became my routine, wake up, get ready, go to the bus stop and listen to Coldplay. Sadly, my sister has the cord to charge my Ipod, so it's been dead this week. However, next week , it starts again!

I was browsing this weekend and found this wonderful blog; this wonderful blogger has a project called i heart strangers. check it out, you'll be enchanted!

how's your week going?


  1. What a lovely day - he sounds like an angel. I agree with your thoughts on being nice to those around us - it makes for a better day.


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