The Moon is a Magnet

The moon was filled with extraordinary light that night, enveloped by gray clouds fighting to completely cover the light that shone through. Slowly, the clouds began to overtake the moon, leaving it with less light to shine in the darkness.
She sat on the sidewalk, watching the people pass by in a hurry to get to the warmth of their homes. The guardians of light lit the street and she watched as one of them flickered, just about to die. The bus drew nearer, and she strained to see where it was headed to. She knew that she had to get on the bus, but the guardian of light was enticing, and she wanted to follow its path. She walked, and soon she was overtaken by a man in a suit, rushing to nowhere at all, but still she couldn't help observing him as he sped and zigzagged between the crowds. She kept following but she soon lost sight of him.

The clouds had scattered and the moon illuminated its full brillancy. She stood in the middle of the road, and blew a kiss to the moon. She knew where the kiss was headed to. He was somewhere in Poland.


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