I'll shall attempt to capture you.

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Quando eu era pequena, eu me apaixonei pela fotografia. Eu achava fascinate aquelas cameras de filme, que podia capturar os momentos e os amigos. Foi quando eu descobri o National Geographic, desde então, sonho em ser uma fotográfa do National Geographic. Na minha infancia, imaginava tirando fotos de elefantes sorrindo, leões que dão abraços, giraffas neuróticas que te fazem rir. Pra mim, tudo isso poderia ser feito com um click. O mundo da fotografia, muitas vezes, pode fazer o feio parecer bonito. É uma realidade mágica de possibilidades.

When I was little, I fell in love with photography. I thought film cameras were completely fascinating, and also the fact that you could capture specific moments and record your friends. It was then I discovered the joys of National Geographic. Since then, I've dreamed of being a photographer for the National Geographic. In my childhood dreams, I imagined myself taking pictures of smiling elefants, lions that would hug you with their furry hair brushing your cheek, neurotic giraffes that could make you laugh, and dancing hippos. For me, all of this could happen with a click. The world of photography can sometimes make the ugly seem beautiful. It's a magical world with a variety of possibilities!

the rest of the photos by yours truly.


  1. Great post. You show a real passion for film and media.
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    all the best

  2. I love National geographic too - the pics are always so amazing! I am a huge fan of film and a new fan of photography. I hope to someday have my own production company. Great post :)


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