the Jezebel in me


As a woman, I often wonder at Jezebel. Jezebel had power, she had beauty but she was evil. Why? She did everything to make sure things were done her way. If she didn't like someone, she persuaded her husband, King Ahab, to do what she wanted. She got her way, and she affected a whole nation because of her selfishness. Elijah, the prophet, after recieving a threat on his life, became depressed. He knew that she had the power to carry out her threat. Basically, her husband was her puppet, and she used her power of domination and seduction in order to make sure everything she wanted happened.

However, how often times, as a woman, I've wanted to use my femininity to take advantage of others? Others being men. I often wonder how it'd be like, if I could let myself go as she did. Take power of who I am as a woman, and use it for my personal gain. Most women don't realize that they have any this. I didn't for the longest time, I thought I was some sort of ordinary, awkward version of a woman. If I really did teach myself to gain these powers of domination and seduction, I could probably do whatever I wanted. The thing is, I don't want to.

Why? The idea of spending my whole life going after selfish pursuits doesn't attract me. Maybe it's just me, but often times I'd rather do things for other people than myself. Jezebel got everything she wanted, but she was hated. Not only was she hated, she died a horrible death by dogs. Even after all of this, I know I'd rather strive to be someone who gives something to the world rather than someone who makes it worse to live in.

Have you ever thought of the kind of woman you're becoming? Because we have our own place in this world and we could do something incredible. However, often times, I see women settling into lives that were imagined for them. I see women without creativity; following a mindless multitude who have no clue where they are going.

I don't want to be Jezebel and I don't want to be like everyone else. Maybe a little bit of me is all I need to put out there.


  1. You have a lovely blog, in terms of both the visuals as well as your writing. I'm quite impressed with your command of English - you use it as well as a native speaker.
    While I am not being "picky”, there are two words in your first paragraph that confuse two, very similar sounding words:
    “As a woman, I often WONDER” at Jezebel” and “…she AFFECTED a whole nation because of her selfishness.”
    If my suggestions are offensive, I apologize.
    Good luck, Bob


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