magyarórszag pt. 2

I stopped to look beyond the darkened streets
On the corners of historic walls
Memorizing the shapes and colors
We leaned back and watched the lurk warm lights
Bring light to the shady alleways
I felt the breeze whisper in my ear
But I was sure I just imagined the voice
That told me, so sweetly, "don't forget me."
Shaking off the shiver that went through my spine
I smiled at my lover
Knowing that years from now
It would all be a sliver of a memory
Something only a picture snapped could bring.


  1. I like your poems. Also, your page layout is kinda freaking me out.

  2. It's kinda freaking me out too, I'm going to change it back. hehe.

  3. love love love it. beautifully put dear :)


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