Once Upon a Time/3

She woke up to darkness. She could see flickering lights, dancing around in her mind's eye. She reached out to catch one of the lights, but they dispersed, she looked around as the room became clearer and the light shone through. She grimaced, as she realized she was waking up. She wanted to sleep for a while, maybe forever.

She coughed and felt a hand behind her back lift her up. She could still feel the water jiggling in her body, and she shivered as she realized how cold she felt. Her hair was stuck to her back and her ears hearing a faint chorus of crickets. Which was funny, since she was still inside.

"Are you okay?" She turned to hear the voice that was calling and started. It was the prince, how wonderful, she closed her eyes, just so she didn't have to look at him.

"I'm fine. I almost drowned, no big deal. A normal day for me." She said bitterly and shakily tried to get up. He helped her gently up, when he saw that she had a firm grip on the ground, he let go.

"Yeah, you did. Which is suprising for someone who was born here."

"Oh, yes. I'm different. Can't you tell?"

"Not really. Taking out the swimming, you're quite average."

She stared at him, and didn't say a thing. After just a second, she could tell he was uncomfortable. She was glad.

"Thanks for saving my life. If there's anything I can do for you, except for, well, rescuing you when you're drowning, let me know. Although I doubt that you would need anything." She was about to turn around when he started to laugh.

"Well, there is something," he said after he stopped laughing, "Let me teach you how to swim."

She looked at him, making sure he wasn't about to start laughing again. He seemed serious enough, so she replied, "If my aunt can't make me swim, what makes you think you can do anything different?"

"I just know."

She raised her eyebrows and replied, "Alright. I'll give you a month, if after that I still can't swim, then my debt to you is paid."

"Deal." He reached to shake her hand but she had already started walking away.

He smiled to himself and went the other direction.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this :) I am a horrible swimmer, I can relate, lol. Lovely writing!


  2. the tale is getting better and better! can't wait for the next installment ^-^


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