Getting off a crowded train this morning, I felt relieved as I walked through the terminal, headed towards the language school I work at. I was daydreaming, thinking of several different things, when I reminded myself that I should be careful when I walked through the school door. Since it's been getting close to Halloween, the school is fully decorated with hanging spiders, fake web's, not-so-threatening vampires and witches' hats. There is also a random, huge cockaroach, and just as you walk in, if you're not careful, it will stare you in the face! No joke. Several times this past week, looking up, I would be startled by the level of proximity that stupid bug would be when I looked up. Maybe I shouldn't look down when I'm walking, but I'm always vigilant, because I manage to trip over things very easily.  Anyways, it worked, because I was looking straight at the thing when I walked through the door.
It's already an hour ahead here, because of summer time, and I already felt the hour difference as I trudged through my first class. I'm a big fan of test day, because it means you can sit around and do other things as the students take the test. For example, I tried to finish up a sudoku game. I'm alright at it, but numbers still confuse me. I should be embarassed when I do a wrong math problem with them, but I always reinforce that there's a reason why I'm not a math teacher.
I finally have internet at home! Which means I will be posting pictures soon of Chile. I've been thinking a lot about my time there, I remember it so vividly. I'm usually very bad at remembering things in details. I can close my eyes and see the streets of Santiago as if they were etched into my brain!


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