bouquet of sharpened pencils

Don't you wish you could erase something in your life just as you erase it from paper?
That all of life would be written in pencil instead of permanent marker?
I used to, a lot. There was a point where I'd do anything to have a clean slate.
However, I've found that when you make mistakes you learn invaluable lessons.
Even though most of the time it hurts, a lot. Have you realized our fascination with fire?
Ever since I can remember, I've had a fascination for fire. We all know, that we can't get too close to fire, or we get burned. It's the same with certain things in life. We know better, but still we keep trying to get as close as we can. It's how we learn what's good and what's bad for each of us.

Still, it'd be nice to be able to erase something once in a while.


  1. I like fire. I suddenly really want to make a campfire. Sometimes I wish I could erase things, but often I wish I would have been different. Do you know what I mean? Instead of hating one particular action, I recognize that action was a product of my mindset at the time and so I don't wish the action had been different as much as I wish I'd been different.


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