just think happy thoughts and off you go

for my friend Noah, who inspired me.

I was riding on the bus, when I saw a fairy who was wearing a pink watch. She had thin, golden hair, a small pointed nose and tiny hands. I inched closer, quite shyly, and tapped her on the shoulder.
Some of her fairy dust brushed off her shoulder and its sparkles disappeared into the air. She smiled sweetly and I asked, "If you're a fairy, why are you wearing a pink watch?"
She then replied, "Well everyone knows pink is a fairy color and we must always know what time it is!"
"Oh," I said, embarassed, "It's such an odd thing. I never thought fairies wore watches. I'm sorry if I offended you."
"You haven't offended me. Would you like some fairy dust?" She opened her purse, and tucked in one of the inner pockets, was a brown packet. Even through the thick, brown packet I could see the dust shining, dancing in its light. She handed me the packet and I clutched it close to my heart. I fingered the packet's flap, debating if I should sprinkle the dust or wait a bit more. When I looked up to ask what the fairy thought, she was gone.
When I got off the bus, I flickered some of the dust on my hair, I thought of my love and soon I was way up in the air. I looked towards the east and started my journey to Budapest, where I imagined I would twirl around the Chain Bridge and share my fairy dust with my friends.

Part of this was imagination, but I saw a woman on the bus that looked exactly like a fairy. Ironically, she even had a fairy tatooed on her back. I think she secretly knew she was a real, live fairy!


  1. that was so nice :)

  2. Well look what I miss if I don't check your blog often enough. And if when we meet again, I look forward to sharing the fairy's dust and twirling around the Chain Bridge with you.

    Aline Maira, where have you been? We've not talked in a while. I beseech thee, appear on messenger and let us converse.


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