la mariposa

Once upon a time, a little butterfly, fluttered to a Chilli shaped land

She flew to a grand city, surrounded by beautiful mountains

And if you looked real closely, you could spot moutains topped with frosting
She found pretty flowers to dance in circles

She tried to brighten some people's day, but they wouldn't be fooled

She found more beautiful things to twirl around

She even got herself a pretty ring

She was pleased she ran into Kurt Cobain

She then wandered around his neighboorhood


And got a bit tipsy on Chilean wine (just kidding)

The little butterfly said "Adios" to the city and promised to be back
Wishing it peace and love and all of that.

Don't be alarmed, little butterfly's travels will be continued..


  1. Hee, hee cute story and series of pictures. Love the ring!!

  2. yay for chile photos! now the question is...what travels are next??? :)


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