hay tantos muertos part 1

I accomplished what I wanted to do and more on this beautiful day!
It was way beyond hot and it became uncomfortable, I'm still recovering from a headache. However! I managed to go to the park, almost see the Little Prince and go chase after some graffittis!
About the Little Prince, when we got to the tent (there's a huge Indian type tent, if you know the word, please share!) we realized it was closed. Instead of making sure and going around the tent, we sat down in the shade on some comfortable grass to recover from the massive heat wave on the walk there. When we got up to go home, my father had gone to get the car, we realized that the exhibition was open! It was too late, because my father had already gone around to pick us up. If you don't know my city's traffic, than you won't understand. I did get to see the decorations they put outside the tent, but I chuckled to myself as I realized I really should have checked if it was really open.

After that, I went to starbucks with my sister to wait for my cousin. I've decided that starbucks tastes better outside of the US than the actual starbucks there. I think it's mostly in my head, because I created an aversion to it while I was there, but now that I'm in another country, I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm a hypocrite, but I'm happy!

We then wandered into the House of Roses (wrote about it here) where we marveled at how beautiful it really was. Tucked behind this garden, is a little greenhouse, where I attempted to take pictures of their future band. Didn't go quite well, as you see.

After that, my sister hopped onto a bus to go back to the other side of the city, while my cousin and I decided to go to.... can you guess? Rhymes with look and ores!

To be continued...


  1. the indian style tent is a tipi I believe..?
    Sorry you didn't get to see the exhibition

  2. It sounds like a beautiful day....especially the house of roses!

    Thank you for the well wishes!


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