if only worry could make a change

This song has been on my mind this past week. The first line completely took my attention.. "If only worry could make a change, then suddenly our world would take new shape...!" How often have we wasted the time in worrying about things?

I think this happens often when we try to figure out what we want to do with our lives. It's hard going through each day and not knowing where you're going to end up.
Part of the beauty, however, is not knowing where you're going to end. I once tried to plan out my life and freaked out because I saw all the days, hours, minutes and seconds pass by in an instant. I think I grow older by planning my future.

I try to take each moment as it comes, enjoy the ones I'm in, and make decisions as they come up. Don't get me wrong, I'm still scared I'm going to mess up and I do worry how my decisions will effect me later. I try not to dwell on these things, because as much as you try to, you can't change what happened in the past. You move along, trying to learn from the mistakes and start brand new each day.

How wonderful it would be to join everyone's worries, place them in a box, and somehow change the way we view the world. I think we'd definetly get things done faster. Don't you?

"If only our future could be tamed, and suddenly our past would have no say..."


  1. I agree, what is the use of worrying. I try to keep that in mind most of the time, but its hard - always drift back into the thinking, the worrying. Great post :)


  2. mmm...i'm learning this concept too. to just savor each moment in life. each one is a little gem to be treasured...

    worry is only a distraction to keep us from enjoying what's right in front of our face! thanks for this post dear ;)


  3. great post, you hit the nail on the head. If only it was that easy to stop worrying.. lovely song btw!



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