Once Upon a Time/5

I lost this part, so I had to completely start from scratch. It's about time I got back to this though! This is a story about a dream I had:

4, 3, 2, 1.

If she wasn't in the water. She was dreaming of it, not that it was abnormal, she had been dreaming about it since she could remember. This time it was different. She felt the water as she walked across the forest, on her fingertips, on the tip of her lips, "maybe it's precipatation," she mumbled. She knew though, that it was because she longed everyday for the same feeling she felt after she swam. Success. Acomplishment. Power. Maybe, just maybe, her family would want her back if they knew she could swim, she was like the others, after all.
She shifted the uncomfortable feeling that rose and kept walking. Soon she was by the water and he was there. He turned around and saw her, he almost smiled. She nervously tugged at her hair.
"So, what are we going to do today?" she asked as he was close enough to hear her.
He looked at her strangely, as if studying her for the first time. Finally he asked, "Have you talked to your parents recently?"
"Is that rhetorical question? Because, have you not heard what happened when I was a baby?"
He shifted nervously, but didn't let go of his gaze, "Yes, but I'm still asking. Are you going to answer?"
Sighing, she said, "No."
"Have you tried recently?"
"Will you?"
Suprisingly, he was amused by her one-answer-response. He took a step closer to her,  started reaching for her hand, but quickly let his hand fall awkwardly to his sides. She had missed this, she was busy staring at the green point just above his head.
"You should talk to them soon."
Her eyes focused abruptly at him as she heard his tone of voice, "Why?"
"I think you should."
"Really? That's all you have to say? You really have the 'man of few words' down to the letter. I deserve a better answer."
He shrugged and replied, "Someday. Okay. Let's go swim." He started running and jumped into the water. Her feet started to tingle with anticipation, despite her frustration, without hesitating, she jumped in right after him.


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