great expectations

I hope I didn't scare everyone by the change I did to my blog.
I actually made a header a few months ago, and it's amazing. I still have to find a scanner, so it can be up here. I hope to get it soon.
Someone asked me the other day what my expectations were for this next year. 2010 actually is something omnious to me. It doesn't really sink in that it's going to be that number. I actually am not thinking of anything I want to achieve this next year. As long as I am happy, I think the rest doesn't really matter.
This is what I've learned: love above everything else. Once you choose to be unforgiving and forget to love, you are miserable. There is no sense to life without loving people. I don't only mean romantic love, but love for each other, humanity and life.
Secondly, you are always growing and you will never stop growing. How beautiful is that? You will never be in the same place you were before! You will always be evolving in your personality. I think that's incredible! We learn from our mistakes, we grow and we become better versions of ourselves.
Thirdly, without forgiveness, we are never free. I usually don't hold grudges, but I was having a hard time forgiving myself. I think the hardest we can be is on ourselves. We aren't very forgiving of ourselves. At least I am like that, but to have freedom, you need to learn that you will constantly be messing up and that you just need to keep getting back up again and moving on. There's nothing you can really do besides that.
I think I want this next year to be filled with more moments in which I truly enjoy life. Not be so concerned with what the future is going to be and not dwell on things that happened in the past. Especially in relationships, I often get caught up in them.
I also want to make a home of where I am right now. I think that's all I really want.
What about you my friends? Any expectations for the year 2010?


  1. Can't wait to see the header! I don't really have any expectations this year, just happy to think I will see another day :)


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