2009 is almost gone. That is a bit insane! I can't imagine where this year went. I think that sometimes years like this happen quite often. You are stretching as a person and you grow better because of it. I think that's what happened with me. I was learning slowly what I really wanted out of life and getting to know myself as I went through that process. I've grown to love myself, sounds a bit vain but let me explain. For a long time, I've adhered to the verse in the Bible that says "Love your neighbor as yourself." I always emphasized the "love your neighbor" and loved the people who came into my life as best as I could. However, I never quite learned to love myself for the person I was created. I think it's something very important. Because once you learn to love yourself for who you are, you start to better love other people.  Very deliberately, as I started to understand myself, I came to this realization. Love is all I need and that is what I want to pour into other people's lives. Does this make sense?

Here are some of the highlights.

Nursing school, even though that didn't last for more than a semester

Discovering new kindred spirits
A dear girl's 15th birthday party
Random weddings that allow me to take pictures with my sister and mama

My dearest friend Ashley coming to visit and the adventures that followed

Translation trip to Paranapanema with William

Photography trips with my cousin Norman

Graffitti chasing
Sister bonding times
Chile for my birthday and being with my parents
Marianne visiting
Going to England to visit my crazy cousin Eduardo

Thank you for reading my blog, I know I can be silly, sad or random sometimes. This has been one of my favorite creative endeavors!
Happy New Year, dear friends! May you dream hugely this next year and that joy will follow you through each day.. May you remember that you are treasured by the people who love you. May Love be ever present in your lives. God bless!


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