I dream of Melissa's on my feet

I haven't done a fashion post yet, mainly because I prefer reading about them then writing...
However, I was browsing through a site and had to share these with my girlfriends. Melissa is a well-known shoe brand here in Brazil, and they're all shoes made out of plastic. They are more durable, because it doesn't wear out easily. I'm not sure how durable they are... but I imagine that plastic things are easier to keep clean.
You often see imitation shoes on the streets, popping out in clandestine street markets. Haha, I love clandestine street markets. I know I'm truly in Brazil when I see a street lined up with them. These are my favorite and I'm quite tempted to buy a pair for myself.
Especially the Little Prince inspired ones!

 However, if I was the designer, I would probably put the Little Prince outside the shoe.

Don't even need to comment :)

You can find more shoes at the Melissa store.
If you were me which one would you choose out of the two?


  1. I would probably get both..but I if I had to chose (gah) then the ones inspired by the little prince. they are soo cute :)

  2. I just looooooooove melissas!!!

    but they are soo exensive... =/


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