in the land of the Brits

So what I hate the most, is forgetting people I've already met.
It's not the greatest feeling in the world to realize that you already met someone and you say to them, "it's nice meeting you!" I know how that feeling is, so to have said it makes me blush even now, an hour later.
I'm sitting here, in my layers of clothes, smelling my cousin's lunch and laughing at his antics. I'm in Southwick, England! This place seems magical, it's like I put myself into a time warp and I just sit there for a while. The houses are quaint and I try to imagine myself sitting in front of the fireplace, with a lighted christmas tree (which I personally think should stay up all year long) and a cup of English tea in hand. I love it! I love that I am constanty craving a cup of English tea with milk in it. You cannot leave out the milk, it's the best part of it!
People are so kind here and polite. Definetly polite, but mostly very friendly. People actually seem to want to know about you even though they have just met you. I haven't felt that in a while. It's probably because they love my cousin so much, so they'll love anyone who's relatives with him.
I don't mind really.


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