In my Dreams..

My dreams are strange..

I was in highscool again, except it was mumbled with my year at college. How strange. Two worlds meeting in one, in it, I wasn't sure what to think.
All I remember was seeing several people I hadn't thought about in a while. They danced around me, in a mixture of conversation and laughter. My parents wanted to meet the guy I liked at the time, but I kept telling them that chapel was going on. Highschool and College chapel at the same time? Interesting. I wonder how that would look like in real life, as I wandered in make belief land. I saw David Fenz's curly head, as it once used to be and Marianne's camera hanging around her neck, ready to snap a picture.
Jake was behind me, but at the same time he was Chris. No one was really anyone.
Suddenly, I was at the Bean, staring at my tiny image. I was holding someone's hand. Then everything stopped, and I woke up.


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