lying lazily in hammocks

Christmas time around here means hot sun and lying lazily on hammocks, reading a book or napping. Most of the time the reading turns into napping. People go to the beach for the holidays and come back with tanner skins. Christmas becomes a happier time for a people who are generally good humored the whole year. Lights come up on the avenue, the shopping malls become fuller, and people become kinder. I don't know what it is about Christmas, but I guess people get a bit extra money and feel generous.
I know that Christmas for me is special because my beloved Jesus was born. That's why this season is merrier for me.
I wait excitedly for Christmas Eve, wait until midnight and feel completely grateful for the life I have. Growing up as kids, we always opened gifts on Christmas Eve, right at midnight. My parents told me that it was because I could never wait for the actual day, so they started this tradition. As any other child, I loved presents. I couldn't wait to rip open those shiny, colored boxes. Now that I'm older I still enjoy getting presents but now as much as I love recieving gifts I love giving them. I'm always excited for Christmas, it gives me an excuse to spend on others!
I truly love Christmas. I wish we could extend this season to make it last the whole year. I think people need to be reminded that we need to be kind and generous.


  1. Makes me want to go to Brazil just so I can doze in a hammock :D


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