you and me

I believe in Jesus, even as irrational as it can be at times. I wanted to let you know, because everything I do is for Him. I wake up everyday feeling a part of me broken. One of those beautiful broken records that need constant attention and plays a tune that comes out scratchy. Because of Jesus, I feel that maybe my scratchy tune is of some worth. I don't think of my faith as a crutch, but as something that is a part of who I am. I believe in Jesus because I believe in love. Love is something so wonderful and most of the times unreachable, yet I know it's there. I look for love everyday and sometimes I find it. That's how it seems when it comes to my faith. I struggle to live yet I live with a joy that can't be explained.
I wish people could feel this same way. Finding their purpose and living in joy. I know I never will truly be happy but I will always have a peace that surpasses all understanding.
Sometimes that's all I need.

So I will finish this day well and I will look forward tomorrow, where I'll get to try again.


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