525000600 Minutes

Life is not what I thought it was 24 hours ago. This is a fantastic song by Switchfoot.

I unknowlingly made some resolutions last night, just as I welcomed openly the new year. Things didn't really go the way my cousin and I planned. We wanted to spend new year's eve in London, but through various, quite comic, antics on my cousin's part, we ended up missing the train to Brighton, which meant we were going to miss the train that would go into London.
We stayed for his church's party, which was a lot of fun! I quite enjoyed playing ping-pong, tennis wii and getting to know people, who were just acquaintainces before this night. I kept trying to look back to this past year in retrospective, but it didn't really work. I have long since learned to put the past behind and always look forward to what the future has to offer but I am mainly distracted by the present, which occupies my thoughts more widely than the future. I think that's the way it should be. Thinking too much into the future gets me a bit scared and I'd rather enjoy the present.
That was when the night turned for me and I enjoyed myself completely. Laughing at how different we do things in our cultures and thankful that Hope is something you can always hold onto.


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