the girl in the coral hat

The mysterious girl rode on a bike and she slowly passed me tonight. I sat still at the bus stop, feeling the gripping cold brush a hand on me. 
She wore a bright coral hat and looked elated, even as the red spread wider across her cheeks. I wished to stop her, but didn't know how I would start a conversation.
Well, I could say, "Dear mysterious girl, how far have you journeyed?"
She would kindly stop her bike in front of me and reply, "Not too far, yet not too close."
We would then spend a minute looking at each other, when I would finally say, "When will you stop your travelling?"
She would look happily at me and gush, "When I reach the point where the earth and sky are just a fingertip apart."
Without anything to say to this, I would watch as she tilted her head and smiled at me. She would go back on her bike and continue on her way.
By the time I had something to chit about, she had disappeared. 


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