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This is so perfect.. I do wish this sometimes. From the Lost Princess, she is a wonderful writer.

Sometimes I wish I were blonde, with thistle down hair that floats on the breeze and wispy brows, and lashes that are barely there. There is something so fragile about pale skin, pale hair, lilac unicorns made in to girls against their will.
Then I remember all the brave, proud brunettes. I remember Wendy and Dorothy and Sara and dearest Lucy and I tie my braids like a badge of honour. For we are the fierce, clever, plucky little maidens who save lost boys and open wardrobe doors and remember, in our dreams, how to fly.

photo by Marianne Bach


  1. This is ever so sweet and a great reminder for us brunettes. I get all mushy sometimes over red hair, but then I will remember the difficulty I had when I dyed it, lol.

  2. hey thx for visiting my blog and put a comment. Keep in touch will ya? i'll visit ur blog regularly.... xoxo


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