my heart told my head, "this time, no."

"If I don't have anything else to recommend myself, at least I have soft skin." She thought as she stared at her arm, seeing how the lines on her skin looked like velvet, and seemed so perfect.
Her hair still hadn't dried, and she felt sleep tugging at her eyelids, begging for needed rest. If she allowed herself, for just a second, to close her eyes..
No, she wanted to hear the new music playing around in her ears, to be a part of a never ending playlist..
Yet sleep beckoned her, like the demanding lover that she is, and she hesitantly let her eyelids drop and slip into another world.
A world that she could create behind the music that was still playing.

"Music will you please let me go to bed?"
So reluctantly he nodded his head and said yes.


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