Here Comes the Sun

It's hard to keep cheerful when you hear about so many bad things happening. When most of the time you're striving to be someone, and often times people don't appreciate it. When you love so much but it just doesn't seem enough.
Life is such a complex series of clumsy events. At least in my life it seems like it. Often times I say so many silly things and I use my time in such idle ways. It's amazing that I get by day after day, with the kind of pressure to be something and someone. 
The next thing you know, everything reverses. Then you realize there's so much beauty to be seen, music to be heard and people to know. 
Those weird moments that keep you alive and keep you going.
It's a bit of sunshine peeking into your life, brightening it up, just a bit.

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  1. Great post. I completely understand how you feel and how wouldn't I - we are all struggling with this. It really is hard to keep your spirts up when so many bad things happen. I read something today that made me sad. I always try to remember that there is also good things that happen. I also struggle with the defining of oneself. I try to let go and just allow things to be, as they are. It can be hard sometimes. Thanks for the post :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a really sweet comment. I can relate to this post. Sometimes I have to turn off the news at night because it stresses me out.

    As I'm a big supporter of tattoos I encourage everyone who says they ever wanted one to get one, just do some research on your artist before hand to make sure they are good at the particular tattoo you’re looking to get. Good Luck!


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