I am no Job

The lonely girl on the beach watched the shore in a sepia-toned glass. She had a book in her lap and she couldn't keep her mind on its pages since she watched as the wind rustled the pages softly, as if the wind itself was reading it. She sat patiently and watched as the words flickered across her eyes, never once stopping.

"I'm no Job
I don't understand a word of Job
Not a damn word
At least there is your voice in it
I can hear it coming out
Your voice
At least that
Are you there?"

The city beckoned her to come out of her reverie, and she stood up to find that the sunshine found itself to that cold, bristling morning. In between the trees, it invited her to its warmth, but she couldn't feel it. The wind played against her cheek, and she shivered. 


  1. oh, wow! what a lovely blog. love everything about it. so glad i stumbled here.

  2. This was beautiful. Hee, hee I have no job - oh, well :) Have a great day!



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