Lay Down in the Green Grass

Today a beautiful day beckoned me outside, even though it was quite hot. I packed my camera, a book and headed out to go find a place to take some lovely pictures. By the time I had gotten on the bus and close to my destination, it had started raining. So, walking in the rain in one of my favorite places in the city, and I couldn't take a picture. It was pouring down with a vengenence. I ducked into a starbucks, with jeans soaking wet and got myself a nice cup of chai. I guess that makes up for an unsuccessful day for me. I found an amazing video of Cibelle's version of Tom Wait's "Green Grass" and it reminded me of this day with my family. Tomorrow I go to class! My first day of classes as a student of art. It is still surreal to me. 

With you, I know that I am safe. 

If not otherwise noted, all these pictures are my own collection of photos :) 


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