Oh, It's Gonna Be

Just as I was embracing this powerful sunlight we've been having as of late, it decides to come down on me and pour too much of its rays. I got really sunsick today.. and I had been thinking this morning that I was starting to like summer. I like the kind of summer, where you are sitting in a hidden garden, and there's a mysterous breeze, you don't know where it's coming, but it's there. It's wonderful, but it's not that cold cutting breeze. It's a nice friendly one.

Today my two morning classes were drawing. Professor arrives late and the first thing you see on his t-shirt is Heath Ledger as the Joker, than you see the stylish black rimmed glasses and lastly, the converse all stars. You're really not quite sure what the point of the class is, but I was commenting to my new found friends that it was all about drawing. I mean, what else could it be? I am happy! It means that he's going to teach us technique.

First assignment was to draw something we liked. I will share what I drew, but I'm not too proud of it. Professor says that we'll be able to compare our first drawings to our last and see how we've evolved. That is my goal: to evolve.

On another note, the sky looks beautiful.

And lastly, my love for Norah Jones never dies.


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