when it rains, it floods

I'm dripping wet, I  got caught in the flooding rain, again. Seriously, it needs to stop raining like this. It's much better when you're in doors just listening to the drips and the drops outside the door, but not when you're sleep deprived and are stuck in a stuffy bus.

Other than that, today was wonderful. It was my first day of class! It was amazing... I felt that I was transported into another dimension, where only artists were allowed. It was like a big, huge, great bubble. I didn't leave it the rest of the day. On Wednesdays I'm going to have Art History.. It seems like it's going to be really hard, just with what the teacher is expecting of us, but I'm so excited.

Well, the main reason I am so wet, is because I had taken in to develop some of the pictures I took in Chile and while my friend Ashley was here. I've decided to slowly get a lot of my pictures developed and make it into a cool photoalbum. I also finally had the film from a disposable camera developed. The little camera I got my freshman year in Chicago. They made me smile, they're really random... with the friends that I became close to that year and others from when I just wanted to finish the film (for example, very flattering pictures of me) Anyways, I was determined to go get them because I knew they would make the fact that it was thundering rain and I was wet a bit better. It did. How well I know myself!

I also found a second hand rare book of Chaim Potok.. well, at least here, because he's not so well known. He's one of my favorite authors.. I have already two of his works and I read those pretty fast. On Wednesdays and Fridays in the centre of town, they usually have little open air markets and I found this wonderful artist. She makes the jewelry out of seeds, and at a reasonably priced rate. She has my mama's name, Rita, and she said that I could come anytime to her house and have a cup of coffee. I plan to go back. The jewelry is stunning!

I am really tempted to go to sleep, but that means I'll stay up late, which means I'll be more tired in the morning because I need to get up early.  I think I'm going to start designing the pages where my photos are going to be!

I am sorry about the rambling, I'm just so happy about today.


  1. Im sooo excited for you!! Can't wait for more!!

  2. Which Chaim Potok book was it?

  3. the Book of Light(s)
    don't remember if there is an s in the end or not...:)

  4. this is awesome aline! I hope we get to talk tomorrow!!! I'm so happy for you.


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