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Well, hello !

hehe; thought it was a good time to start writing again. I have been without my computer this week and it's been a relief and sort of weird at the same time. I have been getting home and being productive. I've found out though that a lot of my inspiration came from the several blogs I follow and I missed that a lot!

A series of emotions have gone through my heart over the past few weeks. I got a great scare when I heard there was an earthquake in Chile. My parents now live there, and when I heard that it had affected Santiago as well, I went a little crazy. Thankfully, nothing happened, they did feel their house moving but except for a few cups breaking, they're safe. My dad has just been down to Concepcion where the epicenter of the earthquake was. He has been organizing, with the organization his the leader of, several relief projects. He wants to make sure to get supplies down there.

My mom and my dad are coming this monday! I'm really happy. I've missed them a lot and I think it'll be good to be with them again.

Art school has started to get busy. We have several projects already that we need to be working on. For my Art History class, my group is working on the Roman age. Should be interesting. I have loved getting to know some of my classmates better. Especially Rita, she has become such a dear friend in such a short time. We really are kindred spirits.

Work really starts this next saturday, which is going to be tough. I wonder if I can juggle a full time job and school at the same time? I really need to !


  1. ouun!I love you! *.*
    This photo is so pretty!
    Ahh... you told me what is "kindred spirits" right?I don't remenber very well,but it's ok.I know,is something good! ;D


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