mint chocolate and first grade bangs,

Inspired by Women's Day I got my bangs cut. They're silly and just what I need right now. 
Sometimes change is amazingly fun!
Oh and my mom and dad are back from Chile! I got tons of candy.. including my favorite: mint chocolate! I am going to put some weight in the next few days, but that's okay, it's so yummy!
and this song... 

makes me giddy!


  1. já te disse,mas digo de novo: ficou lindaaa de franjinha! *.*
    Que bom que seus pais estão de volta ;D
    Quero conhecê-los! rs


  2. aaaaaaah!
    E essa música... claro!
    Demais! *.*

  3. These bangs are too cute and they fit you perfectly!

    I can Skype any morning this week (morning my time...)


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