Please don't say I love you till you are ready.
Please don't make my heart skip a beat,
Please don't make the word so useless
Please, for my sake don't say a word,´
'Cause when you say it I can hardly breathe.

When you say those little words
My whole world spins in circles
Please don't water them down
Please don't say them all the time
When you say them it's a crime
Please say them when you love me.

Please don't say I love you tonight
Cause I will have to hold my tears with all my might
'Till I am far from your line of sight
Because all I know is I'd marry you in a second
So please don't say I love you
Unless you really love me too. 

And this is my song to you,

love always,

written a few months ago.


  1. This is really good, brought up some memories. Ive had these feelings before with a past bf. I always questioned his love for me. Love your writing. Need to visit your blog more often.



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