It's the stamina, that I lack,

My thoughts won't let me sleep tonight, and I'm exhausted. My mind has been active these last few days trying to figure out what it is I'm going to do next. I have been told I know what I want, so why all this indecision?

I'm afraid. Once again I feel as if I'm doing this because my nature is itching to. It longs for adventure and new landscapes and new people to see and to learn from. A new season for love to sprout and pour out from me. Maybe I feel like a bird in a cage, aching to be set free and to let my wings soar and fly to wherever the winds lead me. Hopefully somewhere that is not so hot.

Maybe this is going to be very good for me, a season of healing and new beginnings. I especially am looking forward to that part about healing.

Well I'm so proud tonight
Of the woman you've become
And I'm just too tired to fight
So my darling, I'll succumb...


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